Camila Nebbia & Tomomi Kubo

released Oct 14, 2022 on Tripticks Tapes

Polycephaly was recorded in July 2021 by saxophonist Camila Nebbia and Tomomi Kubo on the Ondes Martenot. They first met the day they started recording at Tomomi’s studio in Barcelona. Each of their opening riffs was like a self-introduction after which their musical conversation became instantly excited. Camila used the tenor sax and a loop pedal. She played as she felt. Sometimes, she used her voice. Tomomi used an Ondes Martenot and a loop pedal. She surrendered herself to the waves of Camila’s sounds and enjoyed the unique sounds of the Ondes Martenot and the saxophone as they blended together. These recordings are totally improvised; however, they weave one mystical story with their rich musicality. We hope that you’ll enjoy their rich sound waves.

– Polycephaly –
1. Anemone
2. Nyx
3. The riddle of Sphinx
4. The Cretan labyrinth
5. Elysium
6. Under the crescent moon

All music and performed by
Tomomi Kubo – Ondes Martenot
Camila Nebbia – Tenor Sax

Recorded in July 2021 at Barcelona, Spain
Mixed by JBernabeu & Juan Ribes at Ribes Audio
Mastered by Juan Ribes at Ribes Audio
Art cover Auriéle Raidron

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G Y O T A K U / Tomomi Kubo & Ferran Besalduch

released Jun 15, 2022 on Call It Anything Records

This album has been released by Ondes Martenot player Tomomi Kubo and Saxophone player Ferran
Besalduch. Their performances are totally improvised.
Tomomi is exploring the new possibilities of the Ondes Martenot as a instrument. She has used a Loop Pedal, but she hasn’t used any special effects in this album. You can listen to her pure Ondes Martenot’s sounds.
Ferran plays Bass saxophone, Sopranino Saxophone and Electronics.
It’s totally his own sound. He has established his own style.
We hope to enjoy their “sound journey”.


1  Bespattered Jellyfish
2  The Barnacles Which Encrust The Side Of The Wave
3  Floating Atop
4  The Surface Of The Lake
5  The Wing Of His Hand Is The Last Thing To Go
6  Speckled Trout
7  Bamboo Stick
8  Turquoise Sea
9  The Sea Grows Old In It

All music and performed by
Tomomi Kubo & Ferran Besalduch

– Tomomi using Ondes Martenot, Loop Pedal (HEAD RUSH)
– Ferran using Bass Saxophone on track 1,2,3,4,6,9, Sopranino Saxophone on track 5,7,8, Electronics on track 6,8,9

     Recorded in November, 2021 in Barcelona
Recorded by Sergi Felipe at UnderPool Studio
Mixed by Grau Bardulet at Jump Studio
Mastered by Albert Guitart at alb-estudi.com
Artwork design by Debens

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calima rework / Tomomi Kubo

released December 10, 2021

This album is a remix of my last album “calima” which was released in 2020.
I’m really honored that my favorite 5 musicians participated in this project.

– calima rework –
1  lluvia dulce  |  tëlemek 
2  Yellow Umbrella  |  Patrick Shiroishi 
3  calima  |  Amsia 
4  static room |  Rayo-60 
5  calima  |  Ezequiel Jaime 
6  somebody from around here  |  Tomomi Kubo 

1 : Mastered by Juan Ribes
2, 3, 4 : Mastered by Rayo-60
5 : Mastered by Eric Kamatsu
6 : All music performed by Tomomi Kubo
     Recorded in November, 2021 in Barcelona
     Mixed & Mastered by Juan Ribes & JBernabeu    

Artwork design: Debens

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calima / Tomomi Kubo

released October 10, 2020

All music performed by Tomomi Kubo
using Ondes Martenot, nord stage3, Korg minilogue xd, Kaoss Pad

Recorded in July, August, 2020 in Barcelona

Mixed by JBernabeu
Mastered by Rayo-60
Artwork design: Yukiko Yamazaki

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Ka aanand len / Kyabate
joined “Song 1, 6”

Selling on bandcamp.

Sound Track of “Before We Vanish”
Directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa
 Music by Yusuke Hayashi

MATOKKU / Matokku
Compose, Piano … etc
by Junichi Matsumoto
Theremin by Trine
Ondes Martenot by Tomomi Kubo 

0 canyon / Junichi Matsumoto
joined “song 1, 3, 5”

joined “song 7”

Tobashite Ikuyo / Akiko Yano
joined “song 4”

Soundtrack of “PLATONIC”
(NHK TV series)
Music by Koji Ueno

“Juon -owarino hajimari-” 
Directed by Masayuki Ochiai
Music by Koji Ueno

Rilakkuma no Watashi / Akiko Yano
joined “song 1, 5”

Akiko Yano sings Kiyoshiro Imawano / Akiko Yano  
joined “song 1, 6”

Recitativo Fantasia /
Hiroshi Hara (saxophone)
joined “song 4”