16 / May / 2024, 20h30, at Cuartel de Artillería, Murcia, Spain

“Sonidos de un viejo (des)conocido”

I’ll play in the cycle of MONOTON.
more information is here

-Petricor (2024) / Tomomi Kubo 
-La conquête de l’Antarctique (1982) / Tristan Murail
-Fête des Belles Eaux (1937) / Olivier Messiaen  
-Voix Blanche pour Ondes Martenot et Band (1989) / Gilles Gobeil
-Terpsícore (2024) / Tomomi Kubo
-Skippin’ Mirrors for Ondes Martenot, two castanets and metronomes
(2009)/ Junichi Matsumoto

–  Cuartel de Artillería – Planta Baja, Pabellón 1
   (Calle Cartagena s/n 30002 – Murcia)
– 20h30
– Admission Free

13 / Apr / 2024, 20h, at Sala Taro, Barcelona, Spain

I’ll perform with Fe Baido.
Another stage will be HULM.
more information is here

–  Sala Taro
   (Carrer de Rossend Arús, 9, 08014 Barcelona)
– START: 20h
– 12€

23 / Feb / 2024, 20h, at CC Convent de Sant Agusti, Barcelona, Spain

I’ll perform with guitarist Fernando Carrasco.
Another stage will be R de K, DJ Watusawa 
more information is here

–  CC Convent de Sant Agusti, Sala Noble
   (C/ del Comerç, 36, Ciutat Vella, 08003 Barcelona)
– 20h
– Admission Free 

27 / Jan / 2024, 12h, at Casa de Cultura de Girona, Girona, Spain

I’ll perform with Saxophonist Ferran Besalduch in El Generador 5th edition
more information is here

–  Casa de Cultura de Girona ( l’Hospital 6, 17002, Girona)
– 12h
– Admission Free 

22 / Jan / 2024, 20h, at Escola de Música Moderna de Badalona, Badalona, Spain

I’ll perform with Saxophonist Ferran Besalduch.
more information is here

–  Escola de Música Moderna de Badalona
   (C/ Germà Bernabé 1-7, 08911 BADALONA)
– 20h
– Admission Free 

20 / Oct / 2023, 20h, at Seu de Gràcia Territori Sonor, Barcelona, Spain

I’ll perform with Dr.Truna in LEM Festival.
more information is here

–  Seu de Gràcia Territori Sonor (C/ Igualada 10)
– 20h
– donations at the end of the action

29 / Sep / 2023, 20h, at Niu, Barcelona, Spain

I’ll perform with guitarist Fernando Carrasco.
Another stage will be USNEA (Electrónica y resonadores)
more information is here

–  Niu (C/ dels Almogàvers, 208, 08018 Barcelona)
– 20h
– Ticket 8€

29 / Jun / 2023, 19h, at Teatre CCCB, Barcelona, Spain

“Acció Dones Visuals”

I’ll perform with visual artist Xeito Fole in the event of Dones Visuals.
more information is here

–  Teatre CCCB (Plaça de Joan Coromines, Barcelona)
– 19h
– invite only event

26 / May / 2023, 20h30, at Tarambana, Cardedeu Barcelona, Spain

“Tres trios de maig”

I’ll perform with Guillem Rodri (Guitar/Trumpet) & Majo Villafaina(Dance)
Our performance will be totally improvisation.  

–  Tarambana
   (Carrer Bellsolar, s/n, 08440 Cardedeu, Barcelona)
– 20h30
– Fun tipping

20 / May / 2023, 18h & 19h, at Caixa Forum, Barcelona, Spain


I’ll perform solo in the cycle Microconciertos organized by Caixa Forum.     
My show will be 2 times, at 18h & 19h.
It will be a small concert (duration 20min)
Yellow Umbrella (comp by Tomomi Kubo)
B o C ? – 24 prélude no.20-  (comp by F.Chopin, Arr by Tomomi Kubo)
TsugiTsugi (comp by Tomomi Kubo)
Clair de Lune (comp by C.Debussy, Arr by Tomomi Kubo)

More information is HERE

–  Caixa Forum Barcelona
   (Av. Francesc Ferrer i Guàrdia. 6-8, Barcelona)
– 18h & 19h
– Free entrance

13 / May / 2023, 17h, at Ateneu Popular de Nou Barris, Barcelona, Spain

15th Anniversary Ojal´a estë mi bici

I’ll show my solo project “KuBox” 
My show will start at 17h45.

More information HERE

–  Ateneu Popular de Nou Barris 
   (C/ Portlligat 11-15, Barcelona)
– 17h Start
– Ticket 12 €

18 / Mar / 2023, 19h, at SINESTESIA, Barcelona, Spain

Volâtil #2
I’ll perform with Guitarist Fernando Carrasco in 2nd stage. 
1st stage will be USNEA (Electrónica y resonadores)

   (C/ Santa Caterina, 52-54, Barcelona)
– 19h Start
– Fun tipping

more information is HERE

28 / Feb / 2023, 20h, at TPK Centre d’Art i Pensament Contemporani, L’Hospitalet Barcelona, Spain

It will be solo performance. 

–  TPK Centre d’Art i Pensament Contemporani
   (Av. Josep Tarradellas i Joan 44, 08901, l’Hospitalet, Barcelona)
– 20h Start
– Admission free

more information is HERE

10 / Feb / 2023, 20h, at Espai Ku in Barcelona, Spain

I’ll play with singer & improvisor Ilona Schneider .

– Espai ku (C/Canvis Nous Nº1, Barcelona)
– 20h Start
– Ticket: contribution

more information is HERE

28 / Jan / 2023, 19h30, at L’Antic Forn de Vallcarca in Barcelona, Spain

I’ll play with singer & improvisor Ilona Schneider .

– All performers| JANO,  Ilona Schneider & Tomomi Kubo

– L’Antic Forn de Vallcarca (C/Cambrils 10, Barcelona)
– 19h30 Start
– 6€

more information is HERE

7 / Jan / 2023, 21h15, at El Pumarejo in Barcelona, Spain

“Teoría Incertidumbre Presenta”

I’ll show my solo project “kuBox”.

– El Pumarejo (Av. Carrilet 187 – Nau 4)
– 20h45 Open, 21h15 Start
– 9€ (an advance ticket) / 11€ (same day)

more information is HERE

17/12/2022, Streaming

“A Door in The Mountain Ⅱ”

I joined wonderful artist Camila Nebbia’s project “A Door in The Mountain”.
this concert series envisions a space that unites four intergenerational
female, non-binary, and other underrepresented gender identity artists
from different parts of the world, in different art mediums: writing,
music & visual art. Connecting artists through the globe in a virtual space
where they will be creating and improvised piece altogether.
This time it was selected 2 musicians, 1 writer and 1 visual artist.

Now you can watch it on YouTube

“A Door in The Mountain Ⅱ”
Curated by Camila Nebbia

Music: Vic Bang (Electronics), Tomomi Kubo(Ondes Martenot)
Writing: Tsering Yangzom Lama
Visual Art: Z.vktr

Organized by Experimental Sound Studio (Chicago)  

25/11/2022, 20h at NIU in Barcelona, Spain

Noche de música experimental
by Tomomi Kubo & Ferran Besalduch + Fe Baido
– Niu: espai artístic contemporani (c/Almogàveres 208, Barcelona) 
– Ticket 5€ 

It will be a showcase by Tomomi (Ondes Martenot) & Ferran(Saxophone)
and experimental band “Fe Baido”.

more information ↓↓↓ 

Ticket seling ↓↓↓

27/10/2022, 21h at Soda Acústic in Barcelona, Spain

– Soda Acústic (c/Guilleries 6, Gràcia, Barcelona) 
– Ticket 5€

I will play with Saxophone player Ferran Besalduch.


New Album with Saxophone player Camila Nebbia “Polycephaly”
will be released on Tripticks Tapes.
It will be released a digital & Cassette on Bandcamp.
We’re now open for Pre-Order.
Please check the link below:

11/10/2022 – 27/05/2023  in Spain


I composed a music for a play “Búho” by Spanish company “Titzina“.
It be playing at Barcelona, A coruña, Santander, València… and more.
You can check their tour on the link below.


New Album with Saxophone player Ferran Besalduch “GYOTAKU”
is now available on Call It Anything Records.
We have released a digital & CD on Bandcamp.
Please check the link below:

03, 04, 05/06/2022, at Teatre Oracles in Barcelona, Spain 

– Teatre Oracles (c/ Tapioles 12 Local, Poble Sec, Barcelona)
– Ticket : 12€

I composed a music for a play “EL QUE NO ENS VAN DIR” by Cia. RE-FUSE.
I’ll perform on live. 

Company : Cia. RE-FUSE

Created by Clara Cañabate
Directed by Clara Cañabate
Executive assistant : Mar Garrobé
Composed and Performed by Tomomi Kubo
Casting (Noa) : Clara Cañabate
Graphic design: Judith Rodriguez
Foto and video: Why Not Film
Booking & Management: Raquel Berlinches

DURACION : 70 min.

Carnet ORACLES – 10€
General charge – 12€

IDIOMA: Catalán

– Friday 3, Jun : 19.30h
– Saturday 4, Jun : 19.30h
– Sunday 5, Jun : 18.30h

Ticket & more information >>>

04/05/2022, 19h at Arts Santa Mònica in Barcelona, Spain 

“Miércoles de sonido y cuerpo” – Imaginary Sounds –
– Arts Santa Mònica, Sala Bar (La Rambla 7, 08002 Barcelona)
– Free entry, limited capacity to 55 people

I’ll perform several Ondes Martenot’s pieces and Improvisation with 
dancer Majo Villafaina. 

>>> Program<<<
-Improvisation Ⅰ *
-Nogotshaxac for Ondes Martenot solo (2020) Ezequiel Jaime
-Skippin’ Mirrors for Ondes Martenot, 2 castanets and metronomes (2009)
Junichi Matsumoto
-La conquête de l’Antarctique pour Ondes Martenot (1982) Tristan Murail
-Improvisation Ⅱ *

*with Majo Villafaina (dance/performance)

more information >>>

New Release “Avril 14th”

I released “Avril 14th” on bandcamp, Soundcloud, YouTube.
I think you might know this song. It’s an instrument by Richard D. James
(Aphex Twin). I arranged for 4 Ondes Martenot and Piano this time.

You can download for free on my bandcamp page. You can also listen it
on my Soundcloud page. If you’re interested, please check it out!  

– bandcamp

– Soundcloud

– YouTube

“ROUND-TRIP Sessions” Federico Arreseygor x Tomomi Kubo

Sense of quiet Music LAB presents “ROUND TRIP” Session

I collaborate with wonderful composer & pianist Federico Arreseygor.
We’ll make one music together online during 3 sessions, and you can
watch this process in real time.

Sessions #1  18, February at 14h (CET)
Sessions #2  11, March at 14h (CET)
Sessions #3  25, March at 14h (CET)     

*Language/ Spanish&Japanese

If you’re interested, please check it out ↓↓↓

Teaser of Sessions #1 is here ↓↓↓

New album “calima rework” OUT NOW

This album is a remix of my last album “calima” which was released
in 2020. I’m really honored that my favorite 5 musicians participated in
this project.

Please check it out ↓↓↓

It will be released on iTunes, Spotify in January, 2022.

14/10/2021, 20h30, at Soda Acústic in Barcelona, Spain

– Soda Acústic (Carrer de les Guilleries 6, Barcelona)
– Ticket 7€

I’ll perform improvisation with Vasco Trilla (percussion)

12/09/2021, 19h at Matadero in Azkoitia, Spain

Amsia New album “KUKUHERRI” Releace Live
– Matadero (Klara Donea Kalea, 40, 20720 Azkoitia, Gipuzkoa)
– Price / 7 euro 

I joined one song named “Shinjuku” in his new album “KUKUHERRI”.
I’ll perform improvisation with Ondes Martenot, Loop pedal, synthesizer…

Reservation /

10/09/2021, 20h at CIVIVOX Condestable in Pamplona, Spain

Festival de Música Contemporánea de Navarra
– CIVIVOX Condestable (C. Mayor, 2, 31001 Pamplona, Navarra)
– Price / Free,  Reservation is required. 

– ALS… (1996)  Roland Creuze
– Shinjuku (2019) Amsia
– Le Fantôme des Ondes for Ondes Martenot and Tape (1998)
  Jovanka Trbojević
– Aquarium (1886)  C.Saint-Saëns, arranged by Tomomi Kubo
– Electric Baby (2014)  Akiko Yamane
– In the garden, no more sun (2021) Tomomi Kubo

Check it >>>

22/08/2021, 19h at Castell de Miravet (Tarragona, Spain)

Festival eufònic
“Dear BACH”
-Castell de Miravet (Camí del Castell, s/n, 43747 Miravet, Tarragona) 
-Price / Free,  Reservation is required. 

I’ll perform some “J.S.Bach” ’s pieces and improvisation based on his pieces.
by Ondes Martenot, synthesizer.

check it >>>

13/06/2021, 18h30 at Auditori Sant Martí (Barcelona, Spain)

XII Mostra Sonora i Visual 
-Auditori Sant Martí (c/ Selva de Mar, 215, Barcelona) 
-Price / Free,  Reservation is required. 

I’ll perform my new project named “KuBox” at the Festival
” XII Mostra Sonora i Visual “. This project is totally improvised
by Ondes Martenot, synthesizer + α …

check it >>>

New song “catharsis” comes out on 26/Mar/2021

I joined the compilation album “Various artists Vol. 2: Being” by WA records.
I composed and recorded new song named “catharsis” for this album.

It is available on bandcamp ↓↓↓ 
Various artist Vol.2: Being by WA records

New Single “J.S.Bach / Flute Partita in A minor BWV1013 – Allemande -” comes out on 26/Dec/2020

I released new Single “Flute Partita in A minor BWV1013 – Allemande -” by J.S.Bach.
Produced by mivjm
This is available online (Apple music, spotify…and more) ↓↓↓ 
Link of “Flute Partita in A minor BWV1013”

New Album “calima” comes out on 10/Oct/2020

I released new album “calima” on bandcamp.
I hope you enjoy it! 

18/09/2020, 20h at  Centre Cívic Can Felipa (Barcelona, Spain)


-Centre Cívic Can Felipa (Pallars 277, 08005 Barcelona) 
-Price / 5€

I’ll play the piano and Ondes Martenot with contemporary dancer 
Majo Villafaina.

-Creation&Interpretation: Majo Villafaina, Tomomi Kubo
-Dance: Majo Villafaina
-Music: Tomomi Kubo
-Lighting designer: Jonatan Bernabeu

check it >>>

【Call for proposal for new project!】

Dear Friends,
I’d like to talk about my new project.
Let’s make new piece for Ondes Martenot together.
I’m looking for the people who are interested in compose the piece for
Ondes Martenot. After compose, I’ll record it and will post on YouTube. 
Details about it,

-Ondes Martenot solo,
-Ondes Martenot Duo, Trio, Quartet, Sextet 
 (In this case, I’ll record each part myself) 
-Ondes Martenot + One instrument or Electronics
 (In this case, please look for player yourself for recording)

I’ll demonstrate Ondes Martenot and will talk by Messenger, Skype,
WhatsApp, Line.
Even if this quarantine ends, we will continue talking online.

-If you’re interested, Please send me the message from today until June 7. 
-From June to July, I’ll demonstrate Ondes Martenot (How to play, notation,
timbre…etc), After demonstrate, let’s begin composing!
Of course, I’ll continue to answer your question after demonstrate.
-The deadline for this piece is November 1. 
-I’ll start posting on YouTube from December. 

Please let me know if you have any questions!
I’m waiting for your participation!

→ Message to

13/03/2020, 20h at Centre Cívic Can Felipa (Barcelona, Spain) 

We were going to play today but finally our performance was postponed
due to COVID-19. We’ll adjust a schedule.

We’ll let you know once we decide.    


-Centre Cívic Can Felipa (Pallars 277, 08005 Barcelona) 
-Price / 5€

I’ll play the piano and Ondes Martenot with contemporary dancer 
Majo Villafaina.

-Creation&Interpretation: Majo Villafaina, Tomomi Kubo
-Dance: Majo Villafaina
-Music: Tomomi Kubo
-Lighting designer: Jonatan Bernabeu

check it >>>

29/02/2020, 19h30 at L’Antic Forn de Vallcarca (Barcelona, Spain) 

-L’Antic Forn de Vallcarca (Carrer de Cambrils 10, Barcelona) 
-Price / 5€

I’ll improvise with Ferran Besalduch (Saxophone)

check it >>>

5/Dec/2019, 18h at Museu de la Música (Barcelona, Spain) 

【Qué es el Ondes Martenot?】

-Museu de la Música (L’Auditori. Lepant 150, 2a pl.08013 Barcelona) 
-Price / 1 session: 4€,  6 sessions: 20€

I’ll introduce the different ways of playing, musical literature and history
of Ondes Martenot. And I’ll play some pieces written for Ondes Martenot.

check it >>>

23/Nov/2019, 20h30 at Mágia Roja (Barcelona, Spain) 

-Màgia Roja (C/Alzina 20, 08024 Barcelona) 
-Entrance fee  6€

I’ll improvise with Ferran Besalduch (Saxophone)

-Other Performer/ Kyabate

7/Nov/2019, 20h at Centre Cívic Sagrada Família (Barcelona, Spain) 

El so calidoscòpic】

-Centre Cívic Sagrada Família (C/ Provença 480, 08025, Barcelona) 
-Admission Free

check it >>>

-Mach 2.5  (Tristan Murail)
-B o C ? – 24 préludes –  ( F.Chopin, arr by Tomomi Kubo)
-Shinjuku (Amsia)
-Le fantôme des ondes for ondes martenot and tape (Jovanka Trbojevic) 
-Lost Time (Tomomi Kubo)
-Clair de Lune (C.Debussy, arr by Tomomi Kubo)
Tomomi Kubo / Ondes Martenot, microkorg, Kaoss Pad…
opaaco / Video art  ( instagram: opaaco_    Facebook: opaaco)

9/May/2019, 20h at SEU DE GTS (Barcelona, Spain) 

Encuentros en el Espacio-Tiempo】

check it >>>

I’ll play new songs with Ondes Martenot, Microkorg and
Modular Synthesizer …etc. 

-lluvia dulce (comp by Tomomi Kubo)
-Ukikumo-Namida (comp by Tomomi Kubo)
-The sky is only for us (comp by Trine, arr by Tomomi Kubo)
-Engulfed moon is Red moon (comp by Tomomi Kubo)
-Gashala☆Gashala (comp by Tomomi Kubo)
-Lost time (comp by Tomomi Kubo)
-B o C ? 〜24 préludes〜 (comp by F.Chopin, arr by Tomomi Kubo)

5/February/2019,  20h  at Phonos (Barcelona, Spain) ​

– ALS… (comp by Roland Creuze) 1996
– Voix Blanche for Ondes martenot and Tape (comp by Gilles Gobeil) 1988-89
– after the wind… (comp by Tomomi Kubo) 2017 
– Skippin’ mirrors for Ondes martenot, 2 metronomes and 2 castanets (comp by Junichi Matsumoto) 2009
– TaBeLu-OTO (comp by Tomomi Kubo) 2018
– Praise to Hakuho Buddah (comp by Takashi Harada) 2017

Admission is Free.

more info>>>>

 25/January/2019,  21h  at Convent de Sant Agustí (Barcelona, Spain) 

My Program
– Ukikumo Namida (comp by Tomomi Kubo) 
– Mach2.5 (comp by Tristan Murail)
– Pulse B for Ondes Martenot and Modular synthesizer (comp by Tomomi Kubo)
Guest/ N3 (Modular Synthesizer)    

Other Performers/ J.G.G. (create and destroy),  Punta Laberinto (Modular synthesizer)

My performence begins at 21h.
Admission is Free.

2/November/2018, 20h30 at Màgia Roja (Barcelona, Spain)

Improvisation with Rayo-60 (Electronics), Fernando Carrasco (Electric Guitar)