5/Dec/2019, 18h at Museu de la Música (Barcelona, Spain) 

【Qué es el Ondes Martenot?】

-Museu de la Música (L’Auditori. Lepant 150, 2a pl.08013 Barcelona) 
-Price / 1 session: 4€,  6 sessions: 20€

I’ll introduce the different ways of playing, musical literature and history
of Ondes Martenot. And I’ll play some pieces written for Ondes Martenot.

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7/Nov/2019, 20h at Centre Cívic Sagrada Família (Barcelona, Spain) 

El so calidoscòpic】

-Centre Cívic Sagrada Família (C/ Provença 480, 08025, Barcelona) 
-Admission Free

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18/Oct/2019, 20h30 at Mágia Roja (Barcelona, Spain) 

I was going to play with Ferran Besalduch tomorrow at Magia Roja
but our concert was postponed due to general strike.
We will adjust a schedule. I’ll let you know once we decide!

-Màgia Roja (C/Alzina 20, 08024 Barcelona) 
-Entrance fee  5€

I’ll improvise with Ferran Besalduch (Saxophone)


9/May/2019, 20h at SEU DE GTS (Barcelona, Spain) 

Encuentros en el Espacio-Tiempo】

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I’ll play new songs with Ondes Martenot, Microkorg and
Modular Synthesizer …etc. 

-lluvia dulce (comp by Tomomi Kubo)
-Ukikumo-Namida (comp by Tomomi Kubo)
-The sky is only for us (comp by Trine, arr by Tomomi Kubo)
-Engulfed moon is Red moon (comp by Tomomi Kubo)
-Gashala☆Gashala (comp by Tomomi Kubo)
-Lost time (comp by Tomomi Kubo)
-B o C ? 〜24 préludes〜 (comp by F.Chopin, arr by Tomomi Kubo)

5/February/2019,  20h  at Phonos (Barcelona, Spain) ​

– ALS… (comp by Roland Creuze) 1996
– Voix Blanche for Ondes martenot and Tape (comp by Gilles Gobeil) 1988-89
– after the wind… (comp by Tomomi Kubo) 2017 
– Skippin’ mirrors for Ondes martenot, 2 metronomes and 2 castanets (comp by Junichi Matsumoto) 2009
– TaBeLu-OTO (comp by Tomomi Kubo) 2018
– Praise to Hakuho Buddah (comp by Takashi Harada) 2017

Admission is Free.

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 25/January/2019,  21h  at Convent de Sant Agustí (Barcelona, Spain) 

My Program
– Ukikumo Namida (comp by Tomomi Kubo) 
– Mach2.5 (comp by Tristan Murail)
– Pulse B for Ondes Martenot and Modular synthesizer (comp by Tomomi Kubo)
Guest/ N3 (Modular Synthesizer)    

Other Performers/ J.G.G. (create and destroy),  Punta Laberinto (Modular synthesizer)

My performence begins at 21h.
Admission is Free.

2/November/2018, 20h30 at Màgia Roja (Barcelona, Spain)

Improvisation with Rayo-60 (Electronics), Fernando Carrasco (Electric Guitar)