【Call for proposal for new project!】

Dear Friends,
I’d like to talk about my new project.
Let’s make new piece for Ondes Martenot together.
I’m looking for the people who are interested in compose the piece for
Ondes Martenot. After compose, I’ll record it and will post on YouTube. 
Details about it,

-Ondes Martenot solo,
-Ondes Martenot Duo, Trio, Quartet, Sextet 
 (In this case, I’ll record each part myself) 
-Ondes Martenot + One instrument or Electronics
 (In this case, please look for player yourself for recording)

I’ll demonstrate Ondes Martenot and will talk by Messenger, Skype,
WhatsApp, Line.
Even if this quarantine ends, we will continue talking online.

-If you’re interested, Please send me the message from today until June 7. 
-From June to July, I’ll demonstrate Ondes Martenot (How to play, notation,
timbre…etc), After demonstrate, let’s begin composing!
Of course, I’ll continue to answer your question after demonstrate.
-The deadline for this piece is November 1. 
-I’ll start posting on YouTube from December. 

Please let me know if you have any questions!
I’m waiting for your participation!

→ Message to

13/03/2020, 20h at Centre Cívic Can Felipa (Barcelona, Spain) 

We were going to play today but finally our performance was postponed
due to COVID-19. We’ll adjust a schedule.

We’ll let you know once we decide.    


-Centre Cívic Can Felipa (Pallars 277, 08005 Barcelona) 
-Price / 5€

I’ll play the piano and Ondes Martenot with contemporary dancer 
Majo Villafaina.

-Creation&Interpretation: Majo Villafaina, Tomomi Kubo
-Dance: Majo Villafaina
-Music: Tomomi Kubo
-Lighting designer: Jonatan Bernabeu

check it >>>

29/02/2020, 19h30 at L’Antic Forn de Vallcarca (Barcelona, Spain) 

-L’Antic Forn de Vallcarca (Carrer de Cambrils 10, Barcelona) 
-Price / 5€

I’ll improvise with Ferran Besalduch (Saxophone)

check it >>>

5/Dec/2019, 18h at Museu de la Música (Barcelona, Spain) 

【Qué es el Ondes Martenot?】

-Museu de la Música (L’Auditori. Lepant 150, 2a pl.08013 Barcelona) 
-Price / 1 session: 4€,  6 sessions: 20€

I’ll introduce the different ways of playing, musical literature and history
of Ondes Martenot. And I’ll play some pieces written for Ondes Martenot.

check it >>>

23/Nov/2019, 20h30 at Mágia Roja (Barcelona, Spain) 

-Màgia Roja (C/Alzina 20, 08024 Barcelona) 
-Entrance fee  6€

I’ll improvise with Ferran Besalduch (Saxophone)

-Other Performer/ Kyabate

7/Nov/2019, 20h at Centre Cívic Sagrada Família (Barcelona, Spain) 

El so calidoscòpic】

-Centre Cívic Sagrada Família (C/ Provença 480, 08025, Barcelona) 
-Admission Free

check it >>>

-Mach 2.5  (Tristan Murail)
-B o C ? – 24 préludes –  ( F.Chopin, arr by Tomomi Kubo)
-Shinjuku (Amsia)
-Le fantôme des ondes for ondes martenot and tape (Jovanka Trbojevic) 
-Lost Time (Tomomi Kubo)
-Clair de Lune (C.Debussy, arr by Tomomi Kubo)
Tomomi Kubo / Ondes Martenot, microkorg, Kaoss Pad…
opaaco / Video art  ( instagram: opaaco_    Facebook: opaaco)

9/May/2019, 20h at SEU DE GTS (Barcelona, Spain) 

Encuentros en el Espacio-Tiempo】

check it >>>

I’ll play new songs with Ondes Martenot, Microkorg and
Modular Synthesizer …etc. 

-lluvia dulce (comp by Tomomi Kubo)
-Ukikumo-Namida (comp by Tomomi Kubo)
-The sky is only for us (comp by Trine, arr by Tomomi Kubo)
-Engulfed moon is Red moon (comp by Tomomi Kubo)
-Gashala☆Gashala (comp by Tomomi Kubo)
-Lost time (comp by Tomomi Kubo)
-B o C ? 〜24 préludes〜 (comp by F.Chopin, arr by Tomomi Kubo)

5/February/2019,  20h  at Phonos (Barcelona, Spain) ​

– ALS… (comp by Roland Creuze) 1996
– Voix Blanche for Ondes martenot and Tape (comp by Gilles Gobeil) 1988-89
– after the wind… (comp by Tomomi Kubo) 2017 
– Skippin’ mirrors for Ondes martenot, 2 metronomes and 2 castanets (comp by Junichi Matsumoto) 2009
– TaBeLu-OTO (comp by Tomomi Kubo) 2018
– Praise to Hakuho Buddah (comp by Takashi Harada) 2017

Admission is Free.

more info>>>>

 25/January/2019,  21h  at Convent de Sant Agustí (Barcelona, Spain) 

My Program
– Ukikumo Namida (comp by Tomomi Kubo) 
– Mach2.5 (comp by Tristan Murail)
– Pulse B for Ondes Martenot and Modular synthesizer (comp by Tomomi Kubo)
Guest/ N3 (Modular Synthesizer)    

Other Performers/ J.G.G. (create and destroy),  Punta Laberinto (Modular synthesizer)

My performence begins at 21h.
Admission is Free.

2/November/2018, 20h30 at Màgia Roja (Barcelona, Spain)

Improvisation with Rayo-60 (Electronics), Fernando Carrasco (Electric Guitar)